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LUM Vertical Roller Mill

LUM Vertical Roller Mill

Based on more than 30 years of experience in grinding equipment development, the company has produced the LUM series ultra-fine vertical roller mill for the manufacture of ultra-fine powders.The grinding roller is usually not in contact with the grindstone, which results in a low abrasion and longer service life.
Applications:Superfine dry powder of none-metal ores such as calcite, marble, limestone, coarse whiting, talc, barite and dolomite and so on.

Working Principles

The main motor drives the millstone to rotate through the reduction box, meanwhile, the air flow gets into the mill through air intake. The materials come out of the screw feeder and fall on the center of the millstone, and then they will move from the center to the edge of the millstone under the affect of centrifugal force. When they move across the grinding zone, they will get grinded by the rollers. Those materials in big pieces will be crushed and grinded directly while those small ones will get extruded and they will form a material bed in which intergranule and mutual grinding will take place. The grinded materials keep moving to the edge of the millstone until they are taken away by the air current at the air ring, and the big pieces will fall again on the millstone to be grinded. The materials in the air flow will go through the rotor vanes on the separator above. The coarse powder will go back to the millstone while the eligible powder will go out of the mill together with the air flow and get collected by the powder collector. Those collected powder is the final products of the LUM grinding mill. The sundries mixed in the materials that go into the mill, iron piece for instance, will move to the edge of the millstone with the materials and fall down to the bottom part of the mill since they can not be blown up because of their own weight. And then these sundries will be scraped to the slag-discharge opening and discharged out of the mill. The final products can be in different fineness through adjusting the rotating speed of the rotor of the powder concentrator. The pressure on the rollers can also be changed by adjusting the pressure of the hydraulic system so that the mills can process the materials in different hardness. Besides, the load and capacity of the mill can be affected through adjusting the materials’ feeding amount.

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1.High grinding efficiency and low pollution to the final product.
2.Advanced, efficient and energy saving powder concentration technology.
3.Safe and efficient operation principle, intelligent operating system
4.Very little consumption.
5.Convenient and easy to maintain.

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